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What we do

Our auditors keep our clients up-to-date on what's going on in even the darkest, hardest to see corners of their inventories, with down-to-the-ounceprecision.  But while the core of our service is auditing, we offer much more to bar owners than just audits alone.

Our Reorder Report service uses the data our auditors collect to make a custom report each audit period. This report indicates exactly which products need to be reordered, based on the safety quantity that you set. No more wasted time going through all of your stock to figure out what is running low.  In addition to saving time on the ordering process, our reorder report helps prevent the unnecessary product orders that keep your money tied up in thestockroom.

Also serving the bar owner is our Total Value Report, which keeps regular tabs on the value of what you have in stock — invaluable for book-keeping and tax purposes.

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