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Bar proprietors have historically had little or no recourse to the sophisticated inventory auditing techniques that have helped steadily improve profit margins for their counterparts in the retail sector, simply because it has not been practical or cost effective for them to deploy the kind of technology necessary to account for the exact amount of alcohol contained in each of their bars' hundreds of bottles. 

When it comes to tracking inventory slippage, the owner of a bar usually has no choice but to rely on “eyeballing it” and hoping for the best. Unfortunately, this technique, no matter how meticulously attempted, will inherently be subject to wide margins of error. Hidden inside those margins of error could be huge amounts of waste, graft, and outright pillage that have gone unnoticed and unaddressed for years. This is sure to be a source of lost profits that should be in the owner's pocket instead of down the drain.

Without a precise accounting of the inventory, there can be no strict accountability for it. It is no surprise, then, that a study commissioned by the California Restaurant Association found that typical bar owners can expect to see the following simply vanish:

25% of their liquor 15% of their bottled beers 29% of their keg beer

Precision inventory control is necessary for the profitability — and possibly the financial survival — of your business. In turn, precise inventory monitoring is needed for precision control. In an industry plagued by inventory slippage, an owner needs all the advantages he or she can get.

However, putting the task of inventory monitoring solely in the hands of bar staff is a risky proposition; asking someone to essentially audit themselves createsa fundamental conflict of interest.

Owners need a third party, someone from outide the organization, who can give them the accurate, verifiable data they need to stay competetive and manage their businesses to their fullest potentials.  MLPS, Inc., is that third party.

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